Welcome to

Squadra Multifamily Office

With years of professional expertise in Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, in 2014
the foundations of Squadra Multifamily Office were laid.


We are Regulated and Authorized

as an Investment Advisor by the Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores de Panama


We work Closely with

our clients and their families to support them in managing their wealth in an holistic and tailored way


What we do

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Investment advisory

We advise you on managing your investment portafolios following a rigorous investment process. We provide guidance

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Family and legacy

In a complex and changing world it is vital to have a proper ownership structure of...

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Wealth administration

We help you manage yout wealth, including non-financial investments. We are able to guide you in...

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication...

-Leonardo Da Vinci
We have the expertise and the specialist knowledge to support sustain and grow your family wealth. We offer solutions that save you time and give you peace of mind.
We are Expert

A holistic approach to wealth administration

We aim to be your main point of contact to access a full suite of solutions to help you simplify the holistic management of your family wealth. Including financial and non-financial investments, banking relationships, insurance products or family and business structures.

We see things from your point of view and place your interests first.